fit_modified_blackbody_tofiles, wavelengths=[70, 160, 250, 350, 500], bad_value=0, name_to_um={'blue': 70, 'PLW': 500, 'PMW': 350, 'PSW': 250, 'red': 160}, **kwargs)[source]

Fit a modified blackbody to each pixel in a set of files identified using a filename template


filename_template : str

A filename template that accepts the HiGal wavelength strings, e.g.:


would format to


Wildcards are allowed, so you can also do


wavelengths : list

The wavelengths, in microns, to include in the fit

bad_value : float

A value to mark as bad and ignore. Some files have NaNs indicating bad points, others have zeros - this is to account for bad pixels that have values of zero

name_to_um : dict

A dictionary identifying the translation between the string that will be inserted into the file template and the wavelength. There are two built in: higal_sedfitter.higal_beams.name_to_um and higal_sedfitter.higal_beams.num_to_um.

kwargs : dict