higal_sedfitter.smooth.add_beam_information_to_higal_header(fn, wavelength=None, clobber=True, name_to_um={'blue': 70, 'PLW': 500, 'PMW': 350, 'PSW': 250, 'red': 160}, **kwargs)[source]

Given a Hi-Gal FITS file name, attempt to add beam information to its header.

The beams are assumed to be symmetric using the larger of the two beam axes given in Traficante et al 2011. This is not a valid assumption in general, but without knowing the scan position angle you can’t really do better.


fn : str

A filename corresponding to a Hi-Gal FITS file. MUST have one of the standard HiGal strings in the name: blue, red, PSW, PMW, or PLW

clobber : bool

Overwrite existing file? (has to be “True” to work!)

name_to_um : dict

A dictionary identifying the translation between the string that will be inserted into the file template and the wavelength. There are two built in: higal_sedfitter.higal_beams.name_to_um and higal_sedfitter.higal_beams.num_to_um.