fit_modified_blackbody_to_imagecube, outheader, wavelengths=[70, 160, 250, 350, 500], error_scaling=0.2, error_cube=None, pixelfitter=None, ncores=4, clobber=True, integral=False, out_prefix='')[source]

Fit a modified blackbody to each pixel in an image cube. Writes the results to files of the form {out_prefix}+T.fits, {out_prefix}+beta.fits, {out_prefix}+N.fits, and optionally {out_prefix}+integral.fits.


image_cube : ndarray

A cube constructed from the individual wavelengths of the Herschel image. Should have units of MJy (not MJy/sr).

wavelengths : list

The wavelengths, in microns, to include in the fit

error_scaling : float or None

The amount to scale the input fluxes by to determine the errors

error_cube : None or ndarray

Alternative to error_scaling. A cube of errors the same size as the image_cube.

pixelfitter : PixelFitter or None

An instance of the PixelFitter class to use for the fitting (this is how guesses are specified). If None, will use defaults.

ncores : int


clobber : bool

Overwrite existing output files?

integral : bool

Also include the integral of the modified blackbody, e.g. for luminosity determination? This increases the execution time by a factor of 2

out_prefix : str

A prefix to prepend to the output file names


t_hdu,b_hdu,n_hdu : HDUList

HDUlists incorporating the best-fit values as the PrimaryHDU image and the errors as ImageHDU s in the first (ERROR) extension

int_hdu : PrimaryHDU

(optional) An HDU containing an image of the integral in \(erg/s/cm^2\)